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Drive & Parking Area Improvements update 10/27/23

Posted Friday, October 27, 2023

MRP Driveway improvements are currently in progress, and we've been fortunate with mostly favorable weather conditions. Our goal is to maintain park accessibility throughout the construction, but we need your cooperation, as it is an active construction site. The removal of potholes was aimed at improving the safety of visitor vehicles, not to encourage speeding. Please drive cautiously and provide ample space for equipment and workers to ensure everyone's safety. It should go without saying, but please keep children away from the equipment.

We've encountered some delays with the gravel supplier's equipment for processing the top coat material, which will postpone the project's completion. Over the weekend, visitors are welcome to drive and park on the sub base (reddish-brown stone). However, please be aware that this surface may be rougher and sharper than the typical top coat, so consider this if you have worn tires or if you're walking pets or going barefoot across it. We anticipate the supplier's equipment to be operational by next week, allowing us to apply the correct top coat to both lots.

If you have any questions or encounter issues related to the construction, please contact MRP board member Chris Tardie, ctardie@