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11/1/23 - Trail Work update

Posted Friday, November 3, 2023

Trail Improvements – 80% completed    11/1/2023

This summer, trail improvements were made to Fieldstone West. But Mother Nature had her say in how much would accomplished!

As July and August proved to be pretty rainy, the trails never had the chance to dry out, making trail work difficult and slow-going. With September’s fine weather, however, Rabbit Tracks Trail Works made up some of that lost time.

New culverts, French drains, ditching, geo-grid and crushed stone were employed extensively to raise the trail and insure that running water would not pool on the trail. These improvements have created a safe, dry and firm walking surface.

When will the improvements be completed?   We hope that with good spring weather, Rabbit Tracks Trail Works can return in May of 2024. They have about 10 days of trail work left to complete, and with any luck, it’ll be done by Memorial Day, or soon after.