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Reconstruction Progress

The Jericho Underhill Park District has awarded phase 1 of the project and is currently seeking the submission of project proposals for phase 2.

The complete requirements for preparing a response to this RFP are available from the park’s website:

Sealed proposals must be received by mail on or before August 11, 2021 (4:00 pm). 


Reconstruction Phases

Phase 1

Phase One can be considered a half step towards full bridge reconstruction.  The weakened walls, trusses and roof will be removed and hand railings installed for safe, pedestrian passage to the park.  The existing bridge will be essentially “uncovered”.  The deck is in excellent shape and can withstand the elements. This work is scheduled for after October 4, 2021 and will take approximately three weeks.  The JUPD is working to establish a temporary bridge that will allow continued park enjoyment during this work project.  JUPD has the funding necessary to carry out Phase One and the bid process will soon be underway.

Phase 2

In order to maintain park access, a temporary bridge is needed. The JUPD has asked the Town of Jericho for the Old Red Mill bridge that was removed seven years ago and is stored at the Town Garage.  At a recent Selectboard meeting, this request was unanimously approved.  Constructed of iron girders, cement and metal railings, this heavy bridge will require professional transportation and siting.  EV is assisting with this and there will be a bid process.  The JUPD wishes to have this auxiliary bridge available before Phase One takes place in October.  The cost to transport and site work is unknown at this point.

Phase 3

Phase Three will begin when the JUPD has the funding required.  The estimated cost is not known at this time.  The Park District will look at all financial sources including grants, fundraising and a possible bond.  Depending on our success, this could take one or more years.  This reconstruction work is much more involved and includes the deck structure being removed and set aside, new abutments established, new sidewalls, trusses and a roof constructed.  It is expected that this final reconstruction will take three months to finish.  Once completed, Mills Riverside Park will again feature a covered bridge that carries park visitors safely across the Browns River for generations to come.