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Driveway Enhancements

Driveway Enhancement Drawings

Earlier this year the park board set out with our driveway improvement budget bolstered by an influx of federal ARPA funding allocated by the towns of Jericho and Underhill on an ambitious project to expand and improve the parking lot at the park as well as repair and improve drainage to reduce our annual maintenance costs. 

With the onset of cold weather, the MRP driveway project is partially on hold until spring. 

To date we've completed the new driveway base, installed the drywell, and replaced outdated telephone barriers with uprights consistent with other state and town parks nearby. The permanent dry well cover is expected shortly.

Winter plans involve adding horizontal fencing to the uprights and temporary markers for plowing. In spring, we'll apply the final topcoat to the driveway, add a fence section to the second parking area, and refresh the entire fence with a new coat of paint.

Although we aimed to finish before winter, challenging weather and supplier delays arose this fall. We thank everyone for their patience and appreciate the ongoing support from residents in both towns for investing in this shared public green space!

Reference detailed plans here  drive & parking enhancement plans