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Park Rules

  • Park hours – dawn to dusk
  • All trash is carry in, carry out. Trash receptacle in parking lot is not for general use. 
  • Dogs are welcome. They must be leashed at all times except in the designated off-leash area in the East Meadow. Dog policies
  • Stay on the designated trails in the forested area
  • Biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are permitted in open areas and on existing trails only.
  • All vehicles must be parked in parking area unless authorized otherwise. Bus parking must be discussed at time of permit application.
  • All injuries requiring medical care must be reported to JUPD within 24 hrs.

Not Allowed in the park

  • Hunting, trapping or firearms
  • Use of drugs & controlled substances
  • Fires except by special permit
  • Camping except by special permit
  • Glass bottles or containers
  • Open fires and fireworks
  •  Trampolines
  • Alcoholic beverages except by special permit
  • Amplified Music except by special permit
  • Weddings, Civil Union and like Ceremonies            
  • Outdoor advertising, signs, banners, etc. except by expressed permission.
  • No type or classification of motor assisted vehicle or motorized bicycle (E-bikes) except by special permit. Motorized wheelchairs and scooters used by disabled visitors are welcome. Please reference Bike policy for details.

Winter “Share the Trail” Etiquette

Winter “Share the Trail” Etiquette



Attention Horseback riders

Due to a number of complaints regarding  horse manure left on the trail, we are instituting a policy for manure removal. There is a manure fork directly behind our portelets for your use. Please return following your ride, or have another person responsible for pick up. We want everyone to enjoy their visit at the park and welcome your help. Please call the Park District  or email  us at 899-2693 or jupdistrict@ with any questions.